Registered AARC Colours

Black and White quarters, White Sleeves, Red cap

        Jill Colwell - JC2

Black and White quarters, White sleeves, White cap

        Jill Colwell - JC1

Black body, Black sleeves with blue bands, Black cap

        Cameron Campbell - CC2

Black body, Gold sleeves with Black Diagonal Stripes, Gold cap with Black quarters

        Cameron Campbell - CC1

Blue body with White Sash, White Sleeves, White cap with Blue quarters

        Fiona Green - FG1

Cerise body with White Check quarters, White sleeves, Cerise cap with White Check quarters

        Kelso Racing - KR1

Gold body and Sleeves with Green Diamonds, Gold cap with Green Diamonds

        Jay Randle - JR1

Green body and sleeves with Gold Diamonds, Green cap with Gold Diamonds

        Jay Randle - JR2

Maroon and Gold quarters, Maroon sleeves, Gold cap

        Christine Ablett - CA1

Maroon body with Gold Badge, Silver Sleeves, Maroon cap with Silver Stripes

        Lusia Abbot - LA1

Pale Blue body with Gold Fleur De Lis, Gold sleeves with White Stripes, White cap with Gold Fleur De Lis border

        Michelle Amos - MA1

Pink body with Black Horseshoe, Pink and Cerise sleeves, Pink cap with Cerise quarters

        Jay Randle - JR3

Purple body with Gold Checks, Purple Sleeves, Purple Cap

        Kelso Racing - KR2

Purple body with Mauve Spots, Purple sleeves, Purple cap with Mauve stripes 

        Fiona Green - FG2

Purple body with Mauve Spots, Purple sleeves, White cap 

        Fiona Green - FG3

Red body, Red sleeves and Red cap all with Black Maltese Crosses.

        Emilie Jenson - EJ2

White body with Blue V, Blue sleeves, Blue cap with White quarters

        Emilie Jenson - EJ1